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Moab consists of three members, thus it is known as a trio. Moab's heavy home is
Los Angeles, California.
Joe Fuentes - Bass
Andrew Giacumakis - Vocals / Guitar
Erik Herzog - Drums
Anchor 7
Anchor 6

Erik groovin. Recording Moab #3 


Moab, The Freeks, Leonard

Marty's On Newport - OC California


Our first show in forever!! We welcome Brad Davis of Fu Manchu on drums. Nela Café, Los Angleles. With - Freeks, Angry Samoans, Biblical Proof of UFOs.

ALSO - new album to release in October - TROUGH!!!!!!!


Been a while since we checked in. Recording of our 3rd album has commenced!! We're shooting for a 2017 release. We're of course exited about the new material. Check out video of Erik groovin a new song.




Checking in. Moab's show playing has been on hold a bit while Andrew has been busy making albums with others. He just finished up recording and mixing Sun and Sail Club's new one "The Great White Dope". He's also currently working on a soon to be finished album featuring another collection of metal icon band members. Its a secret. Stay tuned....

...oh...and we're knee deep in writing the next Moab album!


Moab and Fu Manchu show in Costa Mesa, CA @ The Wayfarer - 843 W. 19th St.
8pm. 21+

Moab playing with Fu Manchu and The Freeks @ The Troubadour, SAT JUNE 21st

Moab playing Scion Rock Fest. Pomona, CA MAY 17th.

Finishing up mastering on our new album. Scion A/V to release in June.

Going into the Studio with the Fu dudes to record and mix their upcoming album. Should be a hoot.
New Moab album should be coming out in June on Scion AV.

UPCOMING - Dec 7th 2013
Fu Manchu and Moab - Live @ Casbah!! - San Diego.
Stoked to be playing with Fu again!!!

10-11-13 - UPCOMING - Moab / Fu Manchu
7inch Split - new tunes by both bands - coming out on Scion A/V - should be out end of October


Moab "Whittled Away"

Scion AV Music Video

"So On" live at TheTroubadour

"Passage To Bangkok" Rush cover - live at the Kasbah

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